Best restaurants in El Salvador

  El Salvador is a country that is not yet overrun by backpackers. That is why you can find the most authentic and cozy places to eat and drink here.

  I will list some restaurants I have been to myself and that I would definitely recommend going to when you are in El Salvador.



  1. Portal El Buen Sabor, Suchitoto.

In this small restaurant you can eat delicious pupusas. You can have them made just the way you like, and they are even said to be the best pupusas in Suchitoto.


   2. Casa 1800, Suchitoto.

This restaurant is located in the middle of Suchitoto and has the best view by far. Casa 1800 is both a hotel and a restaurant and has beautiful views on Lago Suchitlán. At the very back of the restaurant is a platform with a large chair, from where you can admire the beautiful view and take pictures.




















   3. El Harlequin, Suchitoto.

This restaurant has a good price / quality ratio. In addition, it is in a cozy place in the middle of nature.


   4. Centro Arte Para La Paz, Suchitoto.

This place has the cheapest options for breakfast. Not only is it tasty, but by eating here you support a local cause, keeping children off the streets through art classes.


   5. El Carmen Estate, Concepción de Ataco.

This place is perfect for those who love coffee. You can take a tour here and taste the best Salvadoran coffee.



   6. Los Portones de Ataco y cafe La Estancia, Concepción de Ataco.

This restaurant offers you good food, drinks and a nice view over Concepción de Ataco. What else could you want?


   7. Tayua Bosque, Concepción de Ataco.

If you are looking for a restaurant that serves organic food and is located at a quiet place, you've come to the right place at Tayua Bosque.

   8. Pupuseria Cielito Lindo, Concepción de Ataco.

Last but not least, this restaurant makes delicious pupusas. And the best part is, you can learn how to make your own pupusas here (and then eat them all yourself ;)).

   9. The small stalls, El Salvador.

In the towns of El Salvador are a lot of small stalls that sell sweets and desserts. The sweets range from crêpes to ice cream, but some of them 

sell something different. You can choose a fruit you like, the sauce you like and the topping you like. It's a bit like a fruit popsicle. It is not the most healthy dessert, but it definitely looks and tastes good! 

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