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Best places to eat in Panama

Updated: Jul 5, 2020

When you are traveling in Panama there are a lot of places where you can eat amazing food, while looking at an amazing scenery. Below I will list a couple of the best restaurants in Panama I have been to:

The Firefly Restaurant & Bar – this restaurant has an amazing atmosphere and incredible view, as it is located next to the sea of Isla Bastimentos. The restaurant is surrounded with palm trees and cozy lights that are draped across the restaurant. The food is very good and the fish is so fresh! The waiters are very nice and really add a positive vibe to the atmosphere. It is a little bit pricy, but really worth it.

La Italiana Pizza bar– when you are looking for some change, like Italian food, la Italiana is the perfect place. The pizzas are absolutely delicious and there is a lot of choice for pizzas as well as side dishes. It is located at the main street of Isla Colona and easy to reach. The food is relatively cheap and the waiters are nice.

Barracuda – barracuda is located in Bocas town right next to the sea. The food is very varied, fresh and the portions are relatively large. On different nights of the week, there is live music and happy hour. Tip: before getting a table, ask if you can get a drink and sit at the pier to enjoy the sunset.

Diablicos – this restaurant is located in the old city center of Panama City, called Casco Viejo. From the outside the restaurant does not really stand out, because it is in the same style as the houses it is surrounded with. This, however, completely changes when you are inside. On every corner of the restaurant are extravagant statues and the walls are decorated with different kind of masks. It certainly is not an everyday restaurant when it comes to the decoration, but that does not make it less welcoming. The staff is one of the friendliest I have ever seen and made eating at this restaurant such a pleasant experience.

Pips– Pips is one of the cheaper restaurant I have been to. It is a small restaurant in Casco Viejo with a retro style interior. The food is American oriented, but they also sell typical Latin American dishes. Once you are done eating, there is an elevator downstairs where the staff can take you when you ask them to. This elevator will bring you to a rooftop bar with an amazing view of the Panama City skyline. They have amazing cocktails and very nice music.  

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