Looking for the authentic island vibes? Book a ticket to Caye Caulker | Belize

When you think of the authentic island vibes, you probably think of an uninhabited island in the middle of the Pacific ocean. But what if I tell you that there are multiple islands in Central America that has the same vibes?

Where is it?

Belize may not be well known to everyone, but in most cases it is closer than the tropical islands in the Pacific. And, it is much cheaper!
Belize is located in beautiful Central America and lies between Mexico and Guatemala.
Belize is located on the Caribbean Sea and on the 300 km expansive Belize Barrier reef that consists of a combination of 450 islands and several coral reefs.

Then you probably wonder: How do I get here?

You can get to Belize by plane within 11 hours. In most cases you will fly via Cancun in Mexico, on to Belize City. Arriving in Belize City you are only an hour away by boat from this amazing island. You can buy a ticket for this boat at the port of Belize City, which is a 10 minute drive from the airport and will cost you around 12 euros for a return ticket.

Once you arrive at Caye Caulker, there is only one rule: Go slow. You will hear this regularly from the islanders when you walk too fast or when you look rushed. In addition, there are no vehicles on the island except for a few golf carts, which are used as taxis or to transport luggage. These carts are waiting for you by arrival on the island and can bring your luggage to your stay for about 2 euros.

Where can I best stay?

There are many guesthouses and small hotels on Caye Caulker. The quality standard in Belize is a bit lower than what we are used to, so I recommend choosing a hotel in advance. This ensures you that you end up in a good hotel.
I stayed at the Tropical Paradise hotel which is located directly next to the water. I must honestly say that although the location was beautiful, the hotel itself is in need of a makeover. Nevertheless, I slept well and the hotel was clean but dated. Tropical Paradise costs about 50 euros per night, per room. Tropical Paradise is a simple hotel often chosen by backpackers or travellers on a budget.
If you want to go for a more luxurious accommodation, I have included a few options here:

° Sea Dreams Hotel - 121 euros for 1 night, including breakfast
° Jan's Hotel - 94 euros for 1 night
° Barefoot Caye Caulker Hotel - 174 euros for 1 night


Now that you've found a place to sleep, it's time to start thinking about places to eat:

There are plenty of restaurant in Caye Caulker that will let you experience the real island vibes. In the morning there are plenty of cafes that offer a delicious breakfast for a good price. This is often combined with a relaxed atmosphere and a beautiful view. Amor y Café is one of these cafes. You can choose from different types of fresh fruit, waffles, granola, yogurt, sandwiches, pancakes and much more. While enjoying your breakfast you have a view on the main street. It's nice to sit here and watch the different people walking by. Most people that walk by are residents and love to chat with you.

If you fancy something tasty in the afternoon, the Caye Caulker Bakery is the place to go!
The bakery sells various delicacies, but the cinnamon rolls are highly recommended.





















There are several options for dinner. On the main street there are some small restaurants that are mainly aimed at tourism. There is an Italian restaurant called Pasta Per Caso Anna & Armando. The restaurant has a great location next to the water and the food is delicious. Prices of the dishes
differ and there are both vegan and vegan options available.


Another option for dinner is to visit a restaurant that focuses more on the local dishes. One of these restaurants is Belizean Flavas. I had dinner here myself the first night and the food was really good! The menu mainly consists of several choices between meat and fresh fish. After this you will be given choices for multiple side dishes such as rice, mashed potatoes and vegetables. The restaurant is located at the end of the main street and has a view of the sea from the side. The dishes are prepared on the BBQ on the side of the terrace. The restaurant is highly recommended.
Another restaurant I would recommend is Maggie's Sunset Kitchen. The restaurant is located next to the sea and has a deck that allows you to enjoy this great view all evening. The dishes are super fresh and the menu is extensive. There are often day specials that can also be found on the Facebook page of the restaurant. 

Activities in Caye Caulker:

There are plenty of things to do in Caye Caulker. There are a number of special activities you can do, but you should keep in mind that they do cost quite a bit. One of these activities is flying an airplane over the Blue Hole. During this flight, you will fly over the world's largest hole in the ocean floor, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The flight takes 1 hour and 15 minutes in total, is available for up to 5 people and costs about 250 euros per person. During the flight you will see different islands, the reef, a stranded ship, the beautiful blue sea and of course the Blue Hole as the highlight.


Another activity that I recommend is snorkeling. There are several companies on the island that offer this and you can find them along the main waterfront street. I would recommend checking for yourself which company is best for you as there are multiple options available. There are sunset tours, snorkel tours and also tours that bring a whole load of homemade rum (which is very tasty by the way). You will leave from the harbour of Caye Caulker with a boat and sail for about 30 minutes to a good snorkeling spot. Here you can snorkel with manatees, rays, turtles, special fish and coral reefs. Most tours include lunch, drinks and snorkeling equipment.




















The real island vibes naturally include relaxation. There are so many opportunities to relax on Caye Caulker that it's hard to choose just a few. I will describe the places where I had the best time. One of these places is KOKO King Beach. You can buy a ticket for about 5 euros at the harbour and then you will be taken to an island by boat. I would recommend renting a bed here, because we did not do this. The beds cost about 25 euros per day, but are completely worth it. We had only put down a towel and that was not exactly comfortable. All beds have service for drinks and snacks, but you can also take a seat in the restaurant. The restaurant is built on the water and offers simple dishes such as nachos and fries. In The water there is a net for you to lie on, there are tires available for you to float in and there are swings above the water. In addition, fun music is played all day and there is a relaxed atmosphere.


And another place you can enjoy is at the split. It is highly recommended to sit here with a cocktail at sunset and enjoy the view. The terrace is on the water, so you can see the sun set into the sea. In addition, you will be accompanied by the pelicans looking for fish.
There are several bars on the split where you can have a drink. All bars have the same great view.



It's good to remember that you can't drink the tap water in Belize. You can ask at the reception of most hotels for a jerry can of water where you can fill your bottle. This will cost you about 5 euros a day, but is cheaper than the bottles of water in the supermarkets that have to be imported.

A small shelter has been set up in the main street to shelter the street dogs. You can drop by here to voluntarily help the owner to feed, walk and care for the animals. The shelter is set up to take care of the animals until they are ready to be adopted. You can also adopt these dogs, but there is a big price tag attached to it.


There is only one ATM on the island and you have to pay a huge commission every time you withdraw money. It is therefore useful to check in advance what kind of activities you want to do, so that you have an idea of ​​how much money you need to withdraw. It is then useful to do this before you arrive on the island. This will save you a lot of money!

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